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NEW Products
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.
The Goddess invites you to select from a new variety of transporting scents from the makers of Nag Champa--a long time favorite.
The Goddess has just stocked her shelves with this wonderful collection of new incense--ideal for meditation, protection, wish-making and magic!  Enjoy the scents of Yoga, Nirvana, Dragon's Blood, Money, Bliss--and of course the original Nag Champa and Super Hit.
Beautiful New Treasures at the Triple Goddess Bookstore!
The Goddess has just added a collection of Witch Balls to her cache.   Choose from a variety of graceful glass Witch Balls in a myriad of colors, filled with fascinating glass web-work sure to snare any and all negative energies.  Don't miss the chance to bring this elegant and rare source of protection into your space.     
Witch Balls Retail for $34.95.
Sacred Talismans and Statuary
Or Select from quartz crystal, flourite, and lapis points as well as a sparkling variety of carnelian, kyanite, hemetite, lepedolite, apetite, moonstones, flint, and quartz crystal tumbled stones. The Goddess also offers Selenite, the moon-glow stone of the Goddess Selene, in a variety of forms including spheres, wands, hearts, and individual pieces.  Or you may wish to choose a talisman or pendant such as the Tree of Life, the Greenman, the chakra spiral, the Goddess of Abundance, or a Seal of Solomon. And, consider adding a new pendulum to your collection--perhaps an amethyst or quartz crystal...Don't miss the chance to give these unique,magical gifts or treat yourself to a special present. And, the Goddess invites you to choose from beautiful statuary including laughing Buddhas,  or authentic "museum" replicas of Isis, Bast, Anubis, and Sekhmet.
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